Surface Probe is another miniature surgical probe in the early stages of development by Lightpoint Medical.

What is Surface Probe?

Surface Probe is a miniature probe designed to help surgeons remove cancer more accurately during surgery.

However, Surface Probe is still in the prototype development stage meaning that there is still much further work required to show whether or not this probe will actually help in the clinical setting and can benefit patients.

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How does the Surface Probe differ from the SENSEI® probe?

The Surface Probe is being designed to detect the same prostate-cancer-specific drug used with the SENSEI® probe. However, the Surface Probe is being developed to only alert surgeons when cancer cells are present at the surface of tissue rather than deeper inside. This could prove to be very useful, for example, in helping surgeons to spare the delicate nerves which run on the surface of the prostate. These nerves are often removed with the prostate during cancer operations.

By protecting this healthy nerve tissue during prostate cancer surgery, the Surface Probe, if successful, might help to prevent or reduce the risks of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, which are potential side effects of this type of surgery.

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